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Is it required to transport a new yacht from the shipyard to somewhere in Siberia or to arrange a winter stay in the Caribbean? We will make sure that your yacht is delivered on time and at the best price.

Delivery of the yacht to the operation place is an important part of our work. The transfer of the yacht, the transportation on a truck, or a sea transportation on a cargo ship - these are the tasks that we solve every day for our clients. We provide you with the best prices, verified contractors, insurance, and paperwork while you get your yacht at the delivery place.

When the yacht is purchased, we will take care of her delivery to the place of operation. Depending on the location and dimensions of the vessel, it can be transferred by the captain, transported by the sea cargo, or special truck. We organise all the types of transportation, including the provision of our captain, selection of a transport company, handling of the paperwork, keeping in touch throughout the entire process and controling the safest and most precise delivery of your yacht.


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