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One of the most important components of an ideal holiday is high-quality service. Your crew (even if the captain only onboard) is responsible for your comfort, safety, and experience. Therefore, you should be very careful about the selection of the crew, and we will be happy to help with this challenging matter: from the search of a captain for a 3-cabins boat and to the procurement of the full crew for an 80-meter superyacht. We are ready to offer our best professionals in the world of yachting, including chefs, fitness trainers, and flight attendants.

When choosing a crew, we are guided by the same principles as when choosing our employees: we select experienced, trained, passionate professionals, enthusiasts who can make your trip pleasant and safe. Moreover, we take over the administrative side of the process - employment contracts, taxes, insurance, and visa support.

We have access to professional resources and can provide you with a variety of candidates to choose of. After careful selection, we will give you a choice of those professionals who meet your selection criteria. We always take care of your vacation, so all crew members are checked, as well as verified for the availability of the necessary certificates.

Crew Selection

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